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 Welcome to Osher at CMU's Online Course Listing

We are excited to announce Osher’s new "Online Course Listing." Osher Members can now explore our wide range of classes online. Select “Courses/events” on the navigation bar on the left to see courses organized by categories and sub-categories. Select “Search” to find a class using one or multiple criteria. Select "Calendar" to view the classes by month, week, or day.

Note: Since the printing of the catalog, changes may have been made to class listing, schedule, and other details. All changes are reflected on the online course listing.

Osher members may register for any number of classes by registering online or by completing the registration form enclosed in the catalog and mailing it to our office along with your payment. Prospects will be invited to enroll in those Osher classes that still have seats available after the main membership enrollment period has passed. Prospects will receive an Open Course List and Prospect Registration Form via email.

 Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

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