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Welcome to Augusoft - Osher at CMU's Online Registration System

Osher Members can now search for course information and/or register for desired courses through this online registration system. There are several ways to search the online course listing for classes:

  • Select “Courses” on the navigation bar on the left to see courses organized by categories and sub-categories.
  • Select "Calendar" to view the classes offered each day.
  • Select the "search for a class..." box at the top of the page works by entering either the course ID or a key word from the course title or the name of the instructor.
You can also view a PDF version of our course catalog. Note: Since the printing of the catalog, changes may have been made to class listing, schedule, and other details. The online course listing has the most accurate information. 

Registration is open for Winter/Spring 2017.

Winter/Spring 2017 Schedule:
First Session: January 9 - March 3 | Second Session: March 6 - April 28
Osher class skip dates: Jan 18, Apr 14, Apr 22

Prospect Registration: $85 (plus material fee, if any)

Osher members may register online for any number of classes. For those who do not wish to register online, you can still register by completing the registration form enclosed in the catalog and mailing it to our office along with your payment. Paper registrations will be entered by office staff in the order in which they are received beginning at the time the online registration begins. 

NOTE: Members may add classes online, but the office must be notified by email or phone for drops.

Prospects will be invited to enroll in those Osher classes that still have seats available after the main membership enrollment period has passed. Prospects will receive an Open Course List and Prospect Registration Form via email.

 Please Contact Us  if you have any questions.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute * Carnegie Mellon University * Hunt Library - 4909 Frew Street * Pittsburgh, PA 15213 * 412-268-7489